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One year anniversary of the Corona virus and China is still unable to find the source of the virus .

Posted on 10-Jan-2021

One year anniversary of the Corona virus and China is still unable to find the source of the virus .

The first death caused by the Corona virus in China was confirmed on January 11 , 2020 . It was the death of a regular at the Wuhan wet market who

was 61 years old .An year has passed since this unfortunate incident and scientists are still not able to conclude the original source of this virus . The experts also believe that we might never be able find the origin of the COVID-19 virus . This worldwide pandemic is now out of control after the death of nearly two million people . There are tens of millions of people who are infected by this virus across the globe . Even though the economy is regaining its composure , it had nearly been crushed by the pandemic and there are various recriminations among different nations .The nation which is trying and controlling the pandemic situation , China is still focused on finding what is the origin of this virus . Not only this , they also want to solve the question of how this virus had transferred from the animals to the human beings . 

This pathogen is believed to have originated in the species of bats . It is often argued that the Corona virus firstly made an appearance in late 2019 in the Wuhan market . Wuhan market is a market in China which sells a variety of wildlife as food . This is the place where some believe that the Corona virus had originated .Mr Donald Trump had also amplified some conspiracy theories as suggested by the the subsequent clues that the Corona virus had originated and leaked from a Wuhan lab where some scientists were working . However , it is important to know the source of the virus as it can help prevent any further disaster . The policy decisions will be made as suggested by the clues found . These policy decisions will include whether it is needed to quarantine the affected people of the nation , or limit animal-human interactions and wildlife hunting or to cull the animal populations .

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